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The Risk of Driving on 4/20

By Criminal Defense Attorney on April 16, 2018

April 20th, also known as the day that pot smokers celebrate their love for the weed, is fast approaching. And while there is reason to celebrate both medicinal and recreational marijuana being legal in California, studies show that incidences of drugged driving are much higher on 4/20 than on other comparable days.

If you plan to partake of pot this 4/20 in San Diego, be wise, and do not drive while under the influence. Remember, the SD police will be out looking for just that. If you are arrested, give us a call and we at JD Law will get started on a defense for you.

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San Francisco Wiping Out Old Weed Convictions

By Criminal Defense Attorney on March 28, 2018

California voters changed the landscape of the state when they voted in Proposition 64 in November 2016. That move made marijuana legal both medicinally and recreationally under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in January 2017. Now, San Francisco is taking another radical step with regard to marijuana convictions.

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Watch Out for St. Patrick’s Day DUIs

By Criminal Defense Attorney on March 13, 2018

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, those of us who plan to go celebrate should also make plans for getting home safely. Even if you do not plan on drinking heavily and feel you could still drive, be advised ­– local police will be out in force. Getting yourself a cab, Uber, Lyft, or designated driver for the evening can keep a night of partying from turning into something that can haunt you for years to come – a DUI charge.

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Marijuana on College Campuses

By Criminal Defense Attorney on March 7, 2018

Recreational marijuana in California became legal on January 1, 2018, but the new laws came with some restrictions. And while many college and university students in San Diego were quick to light up and enjoy the new legislation, they may want to think twice about doing so on campus.

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Gaslamp Quarter DUI Danger

By Criminal Defense Attorney on February 28, 2018

The Gaslamp Quarter is known for many things, but particularly for its pub crawls. With exclusive drink specials, no cover charges, and VIP entry into four different bars, it is no wonder young people flock to this district every weekend looking for a good time. But for some, it does not take long for those good times to turn sour.

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Is There More Domestic Violence on Super Bowl Sunday?

By Criminal Defense Attorney on February 1, 2018

There has been debate going on for decades now as to whether Super Bowl Sunday sees an increase in domestic violence. There are no concrete numbers that back up this claim, and, Huffington Post, and many other reputable sources have tried to put this myth to rest. Domestic violence does tend to spike around the holidays, but it is much more common on Christmas than when two NFL teams hit the field in February.

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How to Avoid a (Late) Holiday DUI

By Criminal Defense Attorney on January 24, 2018

If you were responsible enough (or lucky enough) to escape the holiday season without getting a DUI, do not relax—you are not in the clear just yet. There are more holidays coming, including Valentine’s Day, when you may sip one too many glasses of champagne; and St. Patrick’s Day, the day drinkers around the world unite. All of these bring with them the temptation to have a few too many and get behind the wheel.

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Holidazed and Confused

By Criminal Defense Attorney on January 12, 2018

Many people in San Diego looked forward eagerly to January 1, 2018—the day that recreational marijuana became legal in California. But before you blaze any further, there are a few things you should know. Marijuana is not legal for everyone, and there are still restrictions in place. Understanding the new laws will help everyone abide by them, and ensure you stay arrest-free!

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Ridesharing and Open Container Laws in San Diego

By Criminal Defense Attorney on December 10, 2017

Springtime has arrived in San Diego and while this means getting together with family, it also means parties, or just meeting at a friend’s house to share some drinks. Many will choose to carpool or take a ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft to get to and from safely.

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What If I’m from Another State but Get Arrested for Drunk Driving in San Diego?

By Criminal Defense Attorney on October 30, 2017

Driving under the influence is a very serious crime in California, and one that comes with serious penalties. For out-of-state drivers, it can be even worse. So what happens when an out-of-state driver gets arrested for drunk driving in San Diego?

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