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Possession vs. Intent to Sell

By Criminal Defense Attorney on June 4, 2019

Unlawful possession of a controlled substance is a crime in California that carries serious penalties, including up to a year of jail time. However, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell is a much more serious offense. The difference between the two charges may hinge on the ability of the prosecutor to prove that you intended to a sell a drug in your possession. To get an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney on your side, contact jD LAW, P.C., at (760) 630-2000.

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Drug Paraphernalia Law

By Criminal Defense Attorney on May 31, 2019

In the state of California, you can be arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. Although this crime is less serious than actual drug possession, it still carries jail time.

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The Basics of Entrapment

By Criminal Defense Attorney on March 25, 2019

Enforcing the law, by definition, is what law enforcement officials are meant to do. It is their responsibility to investigate, not instigate criminal behavior. So, you might assume that if someone suggests you do something illegal, they cannot be law enforcement. That is not, in fact, the case. Officers may approach or invite you to engage in criminal behavior without hurting the case against you. But there are very specific and very strict guidelines for doing so, and if officers do not observe these you may be a victim of entrapment.

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San Diego Pro Skater Charged with Intent to Sell Meth

By Criminal Defense Attorney on February 20, 2019

In September 2018, pro skater Rob Lorifice was charged with federal drug crimes. The charges came after his home was raided, and law enforcement found heroin, Xanax pills, and methamphetamine. Lorifice was home that day, and was flushing drugs down the toilet at the time police found him.

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Multiple DUIs: Is It Groundhog Day?

By Criminal Defense Attorney on February 13, 2019

Being arrested for a first-time driving under the influence (DUI) offense can result in fines and jail time, if you are convicted. However, sentencing for a second, third, or fourth DUI may be even worse.

Anyone charged with multiple DUIs needs to speak to a San Diego criminal defense attorney who can help get the charges reduced, or dismissed altogether. When choosing your attorney, do not just seek the help of any criminal defense lawyer—speak to jD LAW, P.C. Our team specializes in multiple DUIs.

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jD LAW, P.C. Supports the San Diego Generals

By Criminal Defense Attorney on January 22, 2019

In 2017, the San Diego Generals became the first Division 1 Junior All-American Youth Football & Cheer Travel Team playing out of San Diego, California. The program was created in a low-income area of San Diego to give kids something to turn to and avoid gangs, drugs, and violence. As a criminal defense law firm, jD LAW, P.C., knows the consequences of this lifestyle better than most. That’s why we’re proud to lend our dollars and our support to the Generals, and cheer them on in this upcoming 2019 season!

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Say No to a New Year DUI

By Criminal Defense Attorney on January 10, 2019

In 2015, 69 people were arrested for drunk driving in San Diego County alone during New Year’s Eve and the following Sunday morning. In total, California Highway Patrol arrested over 1,000 people on freeways and local streets during peak hours on New Year’s Eve, from 6:00 p.m. Wednesday to 6:00 a.m. the following Sunday.

Not only is the arrival of the New Year a big drinking occasion, but police are also creating more checkpoints to catch intoxicated drivers. If you were arrested in a checkpoint, you should hire an experienced SD criminal defense attorney at jD LAW, P.C.

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California’s Three Strikes Law – Part Two

By Criminal Defense Attorney on December 26, 2018

In 1994, Californians voted in the Three Strikes Law, but after decades of unfair and expensive punishments, Californians began to realize the problems that came with the law. In this second part of a two-part blog series, jD LAW, P.C., is examining how the law came to be amended.

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California’s Three Strikes Law – Part One

By Criminal Defense Attorney on December 19, 2018

Over 25 years ago, Polly Klaas was abducted from a slumber party at her home in Petaluma. After her disappearance, a fruitless search was conducted for two months. On December 4, 1993, Richard Allen Davis confessed to the murder and took police officers to where he had hidden the body. Davis is now being held on death row at San Quentin State Prison.

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Holiday Fun in San Diego (Hold the DUI)

By Criminal Defense Attorney on November 16, 2018

The holiday season is upon us! For many, that means going out and enjoying all San Diego has to offer. But whether that means attending a friend’s house party or hitting up one of San Diego’s many microbreweries, there is a good chance that alcoholic beverages will be part of that fun. And what starts out as “just one drink” can quickly turn into several, or many bottles of wine shared between friends.

When that happens, it is important to remember not to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, even if you think you are okay to drive. Chances are, you are not—at least, not to the San Diego police’s satisfaction.

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