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Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, Jim Dicks, is a former detective who offers unique and advantageous insight into the legal process.

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At JD Law, we are committed to our clients and work tirelessly to help them defend their rights, future, and freedoms.

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JD Law has defended the rights of the accused for 25+ years. During that time, we have grown into one of San Diego's most respected law firms.

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Our firm is respected within the legal community of North County. We are known for our strong and aggressive approach, handling even the most complex of cases with ease. When you enlist the help of a North County criminal attorney from our firm, you can ensure that your personal rights will be protected. We work closely with our clients, ensuring that they get the personalized legal support they deserve. You owe it to yourself to take active steps toward defending your freedoms.

We Understand the Other Side of the Courtroom

We are ready to help with your case, regardless of the circumstances. Your criminal charges could result in jail time, expensive fines and difficult emotional strain. We can help you build a strong defense, securing you the best possible results. Attorney James N. Dicks has more than 30 years of experience and is a certified criminal law specialist. As a former police officer and narcotics investigator, he has insight on how to gather effective evidence and information for almost any case.

Attorney Dicks knows how the other side thinks during criminal cases, especially when it comes to cross-examining police officers. After spending several years with the Los Angeles and San Diego County Public Defender's Office, he decided to found JD Law. Our firm has seen significant growth and success over the years, now including offices in North County and San Diego County.

Defending Your Personal Freedoms

When it comes to criminal defense, it's crucial that you retain a criminal attorney who offers more than just experience. At our firm, we have a widely recognized reputation that works for our clients' benefit. We know how to handle sex crimes, DUIs, internet crimes, juvenile crimes and more. No matter what kind of charges you are facing, our firm has the experience and reputation to help. Attorney James N. Dicks has defended clients against homicide charges and white collar crimes, as well.

Some other type of crimes we offer legal representation for include:

  • Stalking
  • Theft crimes
  • Three strike crimes
  • Hit and runs
  • Federal crimes
  • Extradition
  • Conspiracy
  • Aiding and abetting

Whether you are facing jail time or other severe penalties, JD Law may be able to help.

Close Proximity to the Jail & Courthouse

At JD Law, we are located across from the jail and are close to the local courthouse. With a convenient location, our firm is easily accessible for those who have been arrested. As you look ahead to your criminal trial at the San Diego County Supreme Court or the North County Municipal Court, look no further than JD Law. We can make it our objective to help you avoid a sentence in the Vista Detention Facility which is one of the primary booking locations for the North County area.

Our Firm's Address:
Melrose Center
400 South Melrose Drive, Suite 109
Vista, CA 92081

Vista Detention Facility:
325 S Melrose Dr. #200
Vista, CA 92081

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Criminal activity is closely monitored by the Vista Sheriff's Station. Detectives throughout the county are well known for their acute abilities to detect evidence against the criminally accused. They are often quite familiar with the details of individuals who are involved in ongoing criminal activity, long before the defendant is accused. If you have been arrested for a criminal charge, it is important to act courteous to the police officers to avoid additional trouble, such as an additional charge for resisting arrest. Also, keep in mind that whatever you say can and will be used against you in court. You can, however, count on the representation that we offer at JD Law.

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Once again you proved what a brilliant trial lawyer you are. Jim, Once again you proved what a brilliant trial lawyer you are. You were simply magnificent. A simple "Thank You" is not enough, nor does it truly express my feelings. I shall never be able to fully thank you or express adequately, my feelings. You are the best. Thank you my friend.
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